A(rmani) B(lanchett) C(Si)

The official announcement came out last Friday in Milan for Cate Blanchett’s new assignment as the ambassadress for the NEW Giorgio Armani female scent SI. The Australian actress has enjoyed a long standing relationship with the designer and expressed her sincere admiration to his work.

“SI” – stands for “yes” in Italian, is a blended scent of blackcurrant, vanilla, patchouli and light wood- a contemporary sweet woody musk. Armani defined “SI” as his “tribute to modern femininity, an irresistible combination of grace, strength and independent spirit”. Blanchett’s known for her independent, natural yet sophisticated elegance- which matches perfectly to the brand image of GA’s new perfume.

The fragrance is expected to be released in Australia at October this year.




A scent of nature’s freshness

When it comes to Spring, it is all about freshness and a brand new start. As we step out of the gloominess of winter, I tend to shift my perfume preference more to something that is fresh and leafy for this season, how about you?

Inspired by the beauty of nature, designer Igor Mitin has created this series of mind blowing design for Shiseido’s ‘Zen perfume’ which I think fits 100% to the concept of spring. The bottle is an artwork that I personally believe can in fact out sell the juice- for those that are packaging lovers like I am.

I hope the Bamboo bottle doesn’t needs watering. If you aren’t comfortable with carrying a ‘pot plant’ in your handbag, it would still be nice piece of display item for your fragrance wardrobe.



After years of working in the beauty industry, I’ve learnt and observed all of the hard works that went behind every brand labels and packaged products, thus I cherish and appreciate beauty for its true meaning of existence rather than being simply a push over under social and peer influence.


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