A scent of nature’s freshness

When it comes to Spring, it is all about freshness and a brand new start. As we step out of the gloominess of winter, I tend to shift my perfume preference more to something that is fresh and leafy for this season, how about you?

Inspired by the beauty of nature, designer Igor Mitin has created this series of mind blowing design for Shiseido’s ‘Zen perfume’ which I think fits 100% to the concept of spring. The bottle is an artwork that I personally believe can in fact out sell the juice- for those that are packaging lovers like I am.

I hope the Bamboo bottle doesn’t needs watering. If you aren’t comfortable with carrying a ‘pot plant’ in your handbag, it would still be nice piece of display item for your fragrance wardrobe.



5 thoughts on “A scent of nature’s freshness

  1. This is beautiful! Is this available for purchase already? Shiseido is my favorite brand and I’ve only learned about this today!

    • Hi callmejagi, to be really honest I’m not sure =(. None of the written press I’ve came across have mentioned about the launching date nor there has been any official announcement from Shiseido that I’m aware of. I remember Shiseido was my very first set of skincare, love this brand!!! I really hope these designs for Zen will be made available for purchase … will keep you posted if i came across more information.

      • Oh ok I see. Well thanks for the info! This is so pretty, I’d want to buy them all and put them on my desk! 😀 Maybe I’ll have better luck with their scents. I bought a skincare set that broke me out so maybe these scents will make up for it! Lol ^.^

      • No I got the white lucent line. I reviewed it on my blog if you wanna take a look. But it gave me pimples :[

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